CAD/CAM software is the brains of the modern joinery operation. The investment made in software is a fraction of the investment in machinery yet it is responsible for running the entire production process.

The right software solution is the key to manufacturing success for Australian & New Zealand joiners, enabling businesses to remove manual processes, reduce errors and wastage, leading to increased productivity and profitability. This holds true for all joinery businesses no matter what market you work in; kitchens, office furniture, shopfitting and other commercial joinery.


TopSolid'Wood is a world class integrated design and production CAD/CAM software solution that was developed specifically for the Joinery Industry.

TopSolid'Wood is joinery software that is designed to save you time and money through using cutting edge technology to support the most efficient processes. As a market leader throughout Europe in the joinery market for over a decade, Australia & New Zealand are now reaping the benefits of TopSolid'Wood software.


Standard Joinery; TopSolid'Wood has advanced library functionality. This means that you can quickly establish your own joinery library for repeat projects/units. Simply save a unit into the library and drag & drop for use again & again.

Custom Joinery; you have no limits with TopSolid'Wood. If you can design it, you can draw it with TopSolid'Wood. Then simply add machining to it, which you can see right on the model, and send it through to production using the integrated CAM module or the specialised production interfaces.

TopSolid'Wood is developed with a Design to Build philosophy and supports your entire process from design through to production, no matter what type of joinery you produce.

No matter what part of the joinery industry you currently work in you can be assured that with TopSolid'Wood you are covered. You will have all the functionality you need to move into new market segments, without having to invest in another software solution. TopSolid'Wood caters to 100% of your CAD/CAM needs and lets you say YES to business.

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EnRoute/Ezynest is a state of the art nesting solution perfect for joinery businesses looking to take advantage of the savings available through utilising true shape nesting capability. With 2.5D and 3D toolpaths, label functionality and a comprehensive range of post processors this solution is suitable for generating GCode to nearly all CNC nesting machines.

With the seamless transfer of data between TopSolid'Wood and EnRoute/Ezynest through a specialised interface this is a truly powerful solution.

Please note that Ezynest is a branded version of EnRoute and provides exactly the same functionality.

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3D Connexion 3D Mouse

3Dconnexion’s family of SpaceMouse products provide a comfortable and natural way to interact with digital content in the world’s most popular CAD and creative applications, making it easier to focus on your design rather than your software.

The SpaceMouse takes care of positioning your model or view and providing access to your favourite application commands, freeing up your normal mouse to do what it was designed for – moving the cursor to select, edit and create.

Not only does this balanced and co-operative work-style simply feel good, it enhances comfort by reducing mouse use and increases productivity.

The SpaceMouse also provides a consistent navigation experience so if you use more than one 3D application, you don’t need to adjust to different navigation methods as you switch between them.

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