Setout Service

Our Setout Service may be the solution for you. The Setout Service has been established to provide our clients with access to trained operators for periods of work overflow or staff shortages.

The service is designed to help you maintain your workflow and say YES to extra projects.

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Fast Track Service

This is a unique service that you can use:

  • before purchase to assure yourself that this is the right solution, or
  • after purchase to speed up implementation and start reaping the productivity rewards

The FAST Track service lets you see our solution in action on YOUR jobs, in YOUR environment. And as you are working on a live project the service can be costed back to this specific project.

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Library Building Service

Many businesses offer a range of specialised, custom units in different sizes eg, office furniture, toilet partitions, reception counters, newsagency displays etc

By creating a fully parametric library of these specialised units your setout team simply import the unit, enter the desired dimensions when prompted, and the unit appears, ready for machining to be added and sent through for production.

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Training Service

Training is the key to ensuring that your business is reaping the maximum return on its software investment. Best practice setout operators are able to increase productivity by reducing drawing time, reducing errors and resulting wastage. This will allow you to price more competitively without eating into profit margin.

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Customisation Service

The Customisation Service is designed to minimise the manual processes in your business. The benefits to you are increased productivity, better information, less errors and wastage. It is designed to ensure you get the most from your software investment.

The Service can assist with customisations for businesses using TopSolid'Wood, PYTHA®, 3DAnalyzer, Enroute/Ezynest and various post processors.

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Consulting Service

TopSolid Australia Consulting Service is able to provide advice on:

  • Identifying bottlenecks
  • Process improvement – adding/removing/changing processes
  • General tooling recommendations
  • Drawing techniques
  • Optimum data/information flow
  • Barcoding options
  • Construction methods
  • Drawer runners
  • Best use of new or existing CNC machines
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